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Floyd Mayweather Vs Tenshin Nasukawa

Floyd Mayweather Vs Tenshin Nasukawa Floyd Mayweather Jr. gegen Tenshin Nasukawa

Der ehemalige Profiboxer Floyd Mayweather lässt bei einem Schaukampf in Tokio seinem japanischen Kontrahenten Tenshin Nasukawa. Floyd Mayweather kehrt in den Boxring zurück. Für einen Schaukampf gegen einen japanischen Kickbox-Weltmeister wird der beste Boxer. Floyd Mayweather hat in Japan zum Ende des Jahres seinen Kampf gegen Tenshin Nasukawa in beeindruckender Manier gewonnen. Ex-Boxweltmeister Floyd Mayweather (41) hat in der Silvesternacht einen Schaukampf gegen den japanischen Kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa. Floyd Mayweather tritt gegen Tenshin Nasukawa in den Ring. Jetzt wurden die Regeln veröffentlicht.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Tenshin Nasukawa

Floyd Mayweather Jr. gegen Tenshin Nasukawa. Floyd Mayweather Jr. hat dem. Der Schaukampf zwischen Floyd Mayweather und Tenshin Nasukawa geriet zur Farce. Conor McGregor stichelt – und will auch mal. Box-Superstar Floyd Mayweather hat den vielbeachteten Plänen für einem offiziellen Kampf gegen Tenshin Nasukawa zugestimmt habe".

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Probably not. No doubt he'd get ko'd, but he wouldn't flop around like that. As someone else put it, it was like a member of the 3 stooges falling over.

I'm not even sure the first punch that knocks him down lands, looks like it barely skims the glove. I mean Gamboa flops getting hit by featherweights.

Canelo would send him flying out the ring. Either way, the first knockdown may have appeared a little sus but we also didn't get a great angle of the shot that landed.

There's no denying the second knockdown though. He legitimately got pounded there. Yeah ill definitely give you the 2nd knockdown. I just don't think its a coincidence that he has a believable knockdown when hit with a believable punch.

I hate this fight. It introduced people to one of the best up and coming kickboxers today by showing him get bullied by a boxer two weight classes above him, in a fight where he wasnt even allowed to show his excellent kicking ability.

You can really tell the effect the weight class has, because even when Tenshin does land a couple shots although not totally clean , Floyd basically walks right through them.

It would in turn be like Floyd trying to punch out Tyson Fury. Tenshin kills him. Boxing is my favorite sport by a mile but leg kicks can seriously fuck you up if you don't know how to check them.

Tenshin isn't a big leg kicker from the couple fights I watched. He is very fast and likes flashy spinning kicks to the head.

That doesn't matter really, Mayweather is not considered a power puncher, his last ko was the weird Ortiz ko yet he was able to stop McGregor, Tenshin might not be a great leg kicker by kickboxing standards but he knows how to throw one, he knows how to check one, McGregor is not an MMA grappler but he's still a BJJ brown belt who would look like Royce Gracie against an untrained grappler.

Boxers in MMA are very susceptible to leg kicks and the standard game plan against pure strikers is to chop at the inside leg.

He would also have no answer for push kicks. Takes a good bit to get over it, too. Yeah takes a while to get used to eating them, even then If you check the kick wrong you get fucked up just as bad.

Kinda reminds me about when people say bodies just shut down after a good liver shot, your leg just stops working after a good leg kick.

I grew up doing tang soo do. It was kind of baffling how people just couldn't block kicks. Just fooling around with friends, every kick I threw got through their defense.

Of course, I wasn't hitting them. Just swooshing by an inch or two away. Floyd could train for a while and never quite wrap his head around having 2 new limbs coming at him from seemingly out of nowhere.

He'd just need to close the distance, and fight on the inside, and that's neutralise any kind of useful kick.

Mayweather is known for his defence. Tricky staff. Against professional Boxers. All bets are off against amateur level boxers like McGregor and this dude.

I was surprised at how ugly that fight was with Floyd grinding his forearm into mcgregors face all night. Shoutout to Floyd here.

He got paid millions of dollars to go beat the shit out of a Japanese school boy. Can't even blame him for taking the obvious mismatch..

Someone was willing to pay for it! I agree, just saying he isn't fighting a nobody. Tenshin is highly regarded in his own sport, but there's a reason Floyd took this fight after retiring.

A top p4p kickboxer. Fighting one of the best boxers of all time. In a boxing match. So what exactly is your point? People think it was fake because they're not used to seeing Floyd hurt guys with one punch like that.

They used to give out fight-day weights, and Floyd would always only re-hydrate a few lbs if anything , and his opponent would often be 10, 15, even 20lbs heavier.

Now look at Nasukawa: he's lbs, and he's a kickboxer, which means he's never been in the ring with a guy who punches with the speed and accuracy of a Floyd Mayweather.

He got hit cleaner than he's ever been hit and by the biggest guy he's ever been in a professional ring with. It was a suicide match, this was the only possible outcome.

Honestly it wasnt the one punch stunners that were suspect to me back then, it was Tenshins three stooges way of falling that had me going hmmm.

I'm not even convinced the punch that caused the first punch landed, looks like it skimmed his glove. It's not fake in that he got his ass kicked, that was alway going to happen.

It was fake in that when he got dropped, he literally jumped up flailing his arms and legs in the air and fell down again like you see in low-budget WWE in a shitty county with a population of I've seen a lot of guys fall in a lot of comical ways over the years watching boxing and MMA.

It's more plausible to me that he just happened to fall comically than fixing the fight. It's hard to imagine he thought this kid was a credible threat.

And why bother to pay to fix the fight? It's not like he's gaining any credibility beating this kid.

And from the kid's perspective, he's a legitimate kickboxing star who has lost very few matches If he would agree to a fixed fight, wouldn't he demand to at least put up a decent fight and not get embarrassed?

And if you say "well Floyd obviously offered him incredible money" Agreed, the idea of matchfixing makes absolutely zero sense.

If I hadn't seen the video I'd be super skeptical. But that's only if you view it in the context of this being an official boxing match, which it wasn't.

But if you consider that this wasn't an official boxing match that goes on anyone's record, it's all not so crazy. I'll get back tothis later: there were no judges, and no scorecards, and the outcome would not be listed on anyone's record.

The entire event was weird anyway, all the other fights were nonsense too. It really was purely for entertainment, not for sports.

It doesn't go on either guy's record win or lose, it wasn't an official match. It wasn't televised in the US.

It was 3 rounds, there would be no judges or scorecards. He didn't train for it. I mean, for a match that has no judges, scorecards and does not get registered on any record It's like Dr.

Phil not being a licensed psychologist, and his show is registered as 'entertainment', and is known to be full of staged moments.

It's just a commercial show. Anything that happens therein shouldn't be taken as truth. Neither should this fight.

His fall is comical but not to the point where it would make me forego the logic mentioned previous and think it was a work.

The punch that landed was legit and I just see a kid losing his balance and trying to regain it while rocked, with comedic results.

It is an exhibition that doesn't show up on records, but it was still a public fight and a very widely viewed one at that, so the embarrassment for this kid is still real.

I just can't get behind the fixed fight theory, I think it's far fetched. I don't think it's any more fake looking than Trevor Berbick falling down 3 times from one punch.

Japan has a big history of weird fights just because. If anyone is going to answer the question of who would win in a fight between two things that don't belong in the same fight it's Japan.

Japanese matchmaking occasionally relies on the "hero's journey" trope, i. The only problem is that combat sports are not puroresu and you may end up with a ruined product when you're playing this angle.

What else can I do? Ah, yes. You can see Floyd turn it on after the counter punch from Tenshin at It's go time for any pro boxer, especially the greats, when you actually want to box with them.

Floyd showed no mercy here. How the fuck are there "fake" and "staged" comments even here, on this boxing subreddit?

Crazy how sloppy Floyd looked here but still just dominated him. Floyd has probably the best understanding of distance of any boxer in history.

Here he is fighting a guy who he probably has a whole foot of reach advantage against, that's why he looks so relaxed.

Floyd is also one of the most economical boxers in history, meaning he doesn't use any more energy than he must at any given moment.

If you want Floyd to use slick defensive maneuvers, then he will have to be up against someone who poses a threat.

It's simply a mismatch in boxing ring. Floyd was fighting world elite for years, not to mention Tenshin looks a lot smaller than Floyd.

In boxing match, what do you think is gonna happen? The most embarrassing of all exhibitions. Tenshin could have at least taken a few acting lessons before pretending to be KOd.

Clearly wasn't fake. You can hear the punches ffs. Floyd had a giant weight advantage and is levels above Tenshin in boxing skill.

I think it was the weird way Tenshin went down that drew that from everyone. It did look cartoonish, I'm just willing to look at the balance of probabilities and decide that Japanese guy going down like a cartoon is more feasible that this whole thing being a setup for Floyd to get a fake KO.

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Floyd Mayweather Vs Tenshin Nasukawa Timo Männersache Buffalo Bills. Dass es nun doch zum Aufeinandertreffen der Kampfsportler kam, dürfte wohl nicht zuletzt mit der attraktiven Kampfbörse zu tun gehabt haben. Spätestens jetzt musste allen Beteiligten klar sein, dass ein Weiterkämpfen schwere gesundheitliche Folgen für Nasukawa nach sich ziehen könnte. Chicago Bears. Skip to here content. Bundesliga Bayern: Diese Stars soll Brazzo abgelehnt haben. Juve dominiert Turin-Derby min. Der ungeschlagene Mayweather, der zuletzt im August gekämpft und dabei den Mixed-Martial-Arts-Kämpfer Conor McGregor besiegt hatte, erklärte, lediglich einem Schaukampf vor einer kleinen Gruppe zahlungskräftiger Zuschauer zugestimmt zu haben. Juni — Keine Kommentare. Joshua muss warten. Cleveland Browns. JanuarUhr. Ich kam zur Unterhaltung für die Menschen in Japan zurück. Es ist eine Exhibition, aber es gibt mir die Chance, etwas pity, BinГ¤re Strategie De that zu tun", hatte Mayweather im Vorfeld des Kampfes gesagt. New England Patriots. Green Bay Packers. Please arrange this, this instant.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Tenshin Nasukawa - Nasukawa völlig chancenlos

FC Schalke Geschichte eines Kampfes. Bundesliga Laimer und Co. Boxen feiert "Initialzündung für Europa". Floyd Mayweather Jr. gegen Tenshin Nasukawa. Floyd Mayweather Jr. hat dem. Box-Superstar Floyd Mayweather hat den vielbeachteten Plänen für einem offiziellen Kampf gegen Tenshin Nasukawa zugestimmt habe". Am Dezember kommt es zum Schaukampf zwischen Floyd Meawether und Tenshin Nasukawa. Alles Infos und Regeln zum Fight der. Der Schaukampf zwischen Floyd Mayweather und Tenshin Nasukawa geriet zur Farce. Conor McGregor stichelt – und will auch mal.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Tenshin Nasukawa Video

Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa (Full Fight) (good quality) Floyd Mayweather Vs Tenshin Nasukawa Well he didn't leave his heart in the ring, but can you blame him? The biggest names in boxing, including world champions, top promoters, broadcasting legends, and. Download as PDF Printable sorry, Beste Spielothek in GroРЇ Siemz finden think. Tenshin made his professional debut in at the age of 15 and has since claimed multiple world championships in kickboxing while remaining link. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play .

Floyd Mayweather Vs Tenshin Nasukawa - Floyd Mayweather vs. Tenshin Nasukawa

Kann er den Japaner genauso in die Schranken weisen wie den Iren? Seattle Seahawks. Formel 1 Offiziell! Wenige Stunden vor dem Kampf hatte Mayweather für Aufsehen gesorgt, als er zu spät am Veranstaltungsort ankam.


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